Workshops and tutorials

We are pleased to inform that the following workshops will be held in conjunction with the JURIX 2014 conference:

– 2nd International Workshop “Network Analysis in Law” (NAIL 2014)
– Semantic Web for Law 2014 (SW4Law 2014)
– 14th Workshop on Computational Modelling of Natural Argument (CMNA14)
– The 1st International Workshop for Methodologies for Research on Legal Argumentation (MET-ARG2014)

The last two workshops (CMNA14 and MET-ARG2014) will be held as one full day workshop.

Please consult the workshop webpages for the details.

A Tutorial on Formal Balancing in Legal Cases


Henry Prakken, Department of Information and Computing Sciences, Utrecht University & Faculty of Law, University of Groningen, The Netherlands.
Giovanni Sartor, European University Institute, Fiesole, Florence & CIRSFID, University of Bologna, Italy.


Many legal cases involve the comparison, or balancing, or sets of reasons pro and con a decision. Reasons can be either boolean or multi-valued. In the past ten years various formal models of balancing reasons in legal cases have been proposed. This tutorial aims to give an introduction to these models, focussing especially on argument-scheme and reason-based approaches. This work is theoretically interesting as a contribution to AI & Law and legal theory but it can also be the basis for teaching reasoning and argumentation skills to legal decision makers and advocates who want to improve their practical reasoning skills in balancing problems.

For more information, please visit the tutorial’s webpage.

Jagiellonian University, Kraków